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Firm Overview

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” At the office of Brian D. Clark, P.C., we believe these words to be both true and relevant and we are committed to seeing justice carried out in the lives of our clients by providing aggressive and high-quality legal representation.

Attorney Brian D. Clark

At the law office of Brian D. Clark, P.C., attorney Brian Clark welcomes challenges as an opportunity to grow. Brian has been a practicing attorney for over twenty years. He served as a Judge Advocate General and later as a reservist in the United States Air Force from 1992 to 2001. Since opening his private practice in 1999, clients throughout Huntsville and Northern Alabama have turned to Brian when they need a strong and experienced attorney to provide strategic counsel and assertive representation. Read More

Well-qualified criminal defense attorney

Brian D. Clark is a seasoned criminal defense attorney who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of justice. He understands that dedication could define your future. A former JAG attorney in the United States Air Force, Brian is committed to providing clients with smart, tailored and rigorous representation to defeat criminal charges or reduce penalties in every case. As a primary litigator, Brian applies his extensive knowledge to a variety of criminal defense cases, such as white collar and federal cases. Due to his innovative and strategic trial strategies, Brian has represented clients in high profile cases in Madison County involving charges of murder, capital murder, pornography and trafficking. His extensive trial experience gives him an in-depth understanding of the defense tactics both judges and jurors respond to favorably, increasing the chances your charges could be reduced, dismissed or dropped completely.

At the law office of Brian D. Clark, P.C., we believe that no case is too big or too small. We understand that any charge, no matter the scale, can disrupt a life, and it is our mission to seek justice and fight to get your life back for you.

To see what our clients have to say about our work, please visit our Testimonialssection.

A family law and personal injury lawyer you can depend on

The law office of Brian D. Clark, P.C., can also assist you through family law or personal injury matters with sensitivity, confidence and speed. Brian understands that the unpredictability of what is to come in these areas can be both emotional and overwhelming, which is why he works diligently to ensure your interests are protected.

Regardless of your legal matter, get the assurance that a qualified attorney is handling your legal needs and fighting for your rights. Contact Brian Clark directly at (256) 705-0200 or online for the experienced attorney you need who will fight for the results you want!

Don't make a statement without talking to us!

Whether you find yourself or a loved one facing charges or suspect that charges may be filed against you, now is the time to seek legal advice. It is essential as you go into this confusing process that you have experienced and trusted counsel on your side. If you live in Huntsville or the surrounding areas and you find yourself facing criminal charges, call the law office of Brian D. Clark today at (256) 705-0200 or contact us online. Your future could depend on it.

Serving Northern Alabama

Brian D. Clark, P.C. is located in Huntsville, Alabama and serves Huntsville, Decatur, Athens, Madison and Hartselle, as well as the surrounding communities in Madison County, Limestone County, Morgan County, Jackson County and Lawrence County.

It is our mission to seek justice and fight to get your life back for you.

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