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Whether you need to discuss how to move forward with a contested divorce, secure a prenuptial agreement, or get an existing child custody modified, we can ensure that your issue is resolved quickly, privately, affordably, and exceptionally. The rules and regulations surrounding family law in Alabama can be overwhelmingly complex and we understand that the unpredictability of what is to come in divorce and family law matters can be both emotional and overwhelming. We work diligently to provide the guidance you need while we protect your interests.

Considering Divorce

Family Law Attorney | Huntsville | Brian D. Clark, P.C.When irreconcilable differences at last become impossible to ignore in a marriage, divorce may be the only way out. Mediation has become a popular option for divorcing couples in recent years; however, it is important to point out that mediation is only viable when the divorcing couple is absolutely in agreement about the core issues of the divorce and are open to discussing them at length. Couples who are overoptimistic about the process of mediation may find themselves going back to the proverbial drawing board or end up pursuing a traditional divorce after wasting valuable time and money. If you disagree with your spouse about key elements of the divorce settlement such as child custody and spousal support/alimony, and the quality of your mutual communication is less than ideal, you may be better off by filing for a traditional or contested divorce now rather than later. With a contested divorce you do not have to deal with your spouse at all. We will advocate on your behalf through all phases of litigation and help ensure that you receive a settlement respecting your wishes and your needs.

Experienced help with Prenuptial Agreements

Many of the contentious issues surrounding a messy divorce can be avoided by having a detailed prenuptial agreement in place when getting married. Prenuptial agreements are recommended for all marrying couples in order to secure each spouse’s assets in the event of a divorce or even a death. A prenuptial agreement is a practical and affordable way to protect one’s wealth and property in the event that the unthinkable happens. As a skilled Alabama family law firm, we can help you establish a valid and legally binding prenuptial agreement before you and your fiance’ exchange marriage vows.

Child Custody

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce with which to deal for a couple is that of child custody. Often one of the spouses may be unhappy with a child custody order resulting from a divorce or arising independently of one. A seasoned family law attorney can help a parent who feels that they have been treated unjustly get an existing child custody order modified to better serve the best interest of the child, which should always be the guiding principle of any custody order. Child support orders can be similarly modified with the assistance of a family law lawyer.

Whether you are wanting to establish a prenuptial agreement, dissolve a marriage, or put in place or modify a child support or child custody order in the State of Alabama, you should get in touch with an experienced family law lawyer to help you do so. Family law issues are too important to handle yourself. You owe it to yourself and your children to have exceptional and affordable representation on your side for all phases of the legal process.

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